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Staircase Summer Shut Down Period

We have come to that time of the year again where our Italian counterparts embark on their August shut down.This unfortunately delays dispatch by approx. 3/4 weeks for the staircases we supply. Orders before the end of the week on certain staircases should get out before the shut down starts but we can check with the factory prior to an order for a stair being placed.

If you’re desperate for a staircase and cannot wait for the factory to reopen please call the office on 01794 522 444 – there is always a chance we’ll be able to supply you something else.

Orders for staircases, from when the factory re opens, are organised on a first come first served basis – please get your stair order in early to get your place in the queue!!

We look forward to hearing from.

Kit Stair Systems – 22.07.2014

Kit Spiral Staircase Showroom

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