AGO Spiral Staircase

The Ago spiral staircase is a set 1.1m diameter stair that is useful in a tight space. In order to have as much clear tread width as possible its balustrade is smartly fitted to the outside of the treads.

The steelwork and handrail is in a peal grey finish but there are two finishing options you can have on the beech steps:

– Natural varnished finish

– Stained walnut finish

Please contact the office for more information.

Technical information

The Ago comes in a set 1.1m diameter and serves floor to floor heights from 241cm – 330cm.

Price information

Please contact the office for price information, thank you.

Delivery takes approximately 15 – 20 working days from the date of payment, however on occasions this can be speeded up – please contact the office on 01794 522 444 if you have any queries on this.

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