Kompact Kit Staircase

The Kompact staircase is a kit stair which combines powder coated steel and timber with vertical steel spindles. The Kompact has a interlocking steel spine as its support and comes in two different widths: 74cm or 89cm.  The staircase is made in Beech with two different colour options: Light or Dark.

The steel work in the meantime has a number of options:

– White

– Black

– Pearl Grey

Technical information

This staircase can come in the following widths: 74cm or 89cm

Price information

This staircase is priced from £ 1,549.00 (including VAT and delivery)

This is for the 74cm straight flight model with 13 risers. Other shapes and widths involve additional costs, equally as does extra risers. Please contact the office if you need more information.

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